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About us

icon-clock  “Best in Class” project management

When it comes to project management og larger sign- and CI projects, SignConcept simply is ”Best in Class”. We manage both national and international projects and are the preferred choice, when some of the largest companies in Denmark need project management, environment, service, safety and quality to reach a higher level. We are proud of our longstanding cooperation with customers such as KIA Motors, McDonald’s, Toyota and Shell. These are cooperations which have given SignConcept unique competences and experience, which you as customer can take advantage of.

icon-flight  International deliveries

Some of our customers operate internationally, that is why SignConcept is able to deliver solutions for all of Scandinavia – this makes it easier for you as a customer as you will have only one contact.

In other European countries we have long term relations with leading suppliers and producers of signage. Ongoing evaluation continues to secure the high standard and quality, which characterizes our products and solutions.

icon-settings  Installation

Our projects managers have professional and experienced installers. Our installers have attention to detail and to SignConcepts demands on quality. Our installation crews drive fully equipped vans and with access to lifts, cranes, scaffolding etc. SignConcept generally is independent of subcontractors and for the same reason we also have our own licensed electrician.

SignConcepts demands on quality and the values of the company means that we comply with all laws and rules from environment and safety to Danish agreements, thus the Corporate Social Responsibility of your company remains spotless.

icon-service  Service 24/7

Both traditional and digital signage needs service and maintenance and SignConcepts offers both emergency service and service agreements.

Emergency service

We are able to offer emergency service 24/7 all year and we cover all of Denmark within 6 hours and all of Scandinavia within 24 hours

Service Agreement

As our customer you can choose from a range of Service Agreements depending on your specific needs. The result is that your signage will live longer and that your customers always will find your signage clean and presentable.

Having a Service Agreement with SignConcept will secure that your signage is always clean and well functioning, which gives a good impression and a significant greater attention.